TradePeg’s clients use our well loved KPI dynamic Dashboards throughout the day to provide real insights into how their business is doing.

Monitor Key Sales Metrics

Quickly identify successful categories/brands and observe trends across a specified timeframe. Interactive widgets then allow easy access to respective documents. Monitor spending separated by Customer, sales channel, sales reps, and more!


Track current and incoming inventory

Create a centralised view of current stock alongside your inbound expected purchase orders, and separate widgets on the basis of category, brand, department, etc. Monitor low stock levels and quickly reorder using interactive widgets!

Tailored to your operational (and visual) preferences!

TradePeg’s KPI dashboards offer a fully customizable colour palette alongside the ability to drag, drop and stretch widgets to fit your screen size and preferences.

You are even able to create widgets which flash to notify you of low inventory levels and overdue orders, and have dashboards work for you by designing them to target particular item sets, categories, brands, and sales reps!

Visualize your growth in all areas! Configure different dashboards per department to show important metrics, eg. logistics team with dispatch widgets, ecommerce team with sales channel statistics, financial team looking at profit and revenue over a dynamic timeframe. Enjoy unlimited dashboards with endless customization!


Create Competition!

Find and reward the most efficient warehouse operatives, quickly create incentives through fostering friendly competition. Monitor and maximise consistency throughout the day/month and visualize dispatch targets.

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