Different types of customers love what TradePeg does

TradePeg’s extensive experience servicing clients in diverse industries such as Fabrics & Textiles and Health & Beauty ensures we get up to speed and solve problems quickly.

We built out the platform in tandem with clients, ensuring we transform into industry veterans overnight. Our product can assist businesses in almost any area of wholesale and the broader economy.

Gain Control

Attain end to end control of your business by consolidating your processes into one fully integrated platform.

Faster Turnover

Sell more, faster. Put synced data and on-the-spot order taking at the fingertips of your field sales reps with the mobile sales app.

Give Full Specifications

Customised product details. Add as many details as you need to fully specify item options such as colours, finishes and sizes.

Beautiful Catalogues

Create catalogues automatically. Bring together images, descriptions and specifications in design templated PDF catalogues.

And More..

Dov, Sales Executive - Loudwater Trade & Finance Ltd

“The system takes the stress out of managing orders, saving a lot of man hours and paperwork, allowing us to concentrate on generating business as opposed to administering it.


TradePeg has been a great addition to our business.”


Dov, Sales Executive - Loudwater Trade & Finance Ltd