Warehouse Management Advantages

Instant Data Capture

Capture product data and metadata instantly with industry leading barcode scanning technology.

Improve Productivity

Pick faster, avoid mis-picks, eliminate manual box labelling and accelerate stock taking.

Rapid Shipments

Process supplier and customer deliveries faster for better upstream and downstream supply chain dynamics.

TradePeg WMS will quickly become the keystone to your warehouse whichever your preferred operational method.

Our bulletproof cloud-based solution helps make your warehouse efficient, smarter, and more profitable. We have proven success in providing a consultative approach to our client’s differing needs within their warehouse.

TradePeg provides full traceability of every item within multiple warehouses and storage locations, guaranteeing absolute auditability of all movements. Our objective: the most efficient way of picking, packing and dispatching. 

TradePeg handles manufacturer quirks with ease with its flexible platform, and stock taking has never been more straightforward. Our slick interface and fool-proof useability allow all warehouse workers to plug in and play, ensuring orders are fulfilled faster and with unbeatable precision.


Warehouse Management Features

Barcode Scanning App

Wireless barcode scanning accurately tracks stock, increasing picking speed, and eliminating errors.

Unusual Barcodes & Meta

TradePeg bespoke parsers accurately read manufacturers non-standard barcode formats and barcode metadata.

Printer & Label Integration

Automated printing of courier-specific labels across label systems, such as BarTender, SatoPrint, LabelMatrix.

Alternative Picking

Replace out-of-stock SKUs with approved alternatives or substitutes at the point of picking.

Smart Stock Taking

Fast and efficient stock-taking using barcode scanning for reconciliation between stated and actual stock levels.

Multi-bin Warehousing

Track identical stock items kept in different places accurately with Multi Bin Location warehousing.

And More..