Inventory Management Advantages

Automate Inventory Management

Eliminate inventory management errors that arise from manual processes and spreadsheets.

Optimise Stock

Get the intelligence to manage stock in line with anticipated sales and supply chain expectations.

Adjust Levels

Prevent over stocks, out of stock, date expired and overselling across multiple channels.

Keeping track of inventory is vital for the success of your business.

Without accurate stock control, what is on-hand and available for sale and which items require replenishment are not readily accessible. TradePeg ensures you are in control at all times. You can track the stock location within your warehouse, forecast future inventory requirements, and gain full traceability into stock movements instantly and effortlessly. 

The TradePeg inventory management solution makes tracking stock easy. Every item in your inventory can be barcoded, categorized, and tracked. Regardless of whether you stock larger volumes of the same product or have a broad spectrum of products – TradePeg can command it all.

Automation means that you never need to worry about running out of any item. Accurate demand forecasting enables you to stay on top of trends and changes, giving you flexibility and total control over your inventory.

Don’t rely on estimates or guesswork. Trust TradePeg to provide the inventory management system you’ve always wanted.

Inventory Management Features

Demand Forecasting

Automate detailed demand forecasting based on lead time and historical sales data.

Multiple UOM Per Product

Work effortlessly with multiple Units of Measure for crates, palettes, boxes and individual units.

Full Batch Traceability

Apply metadata like expiry dates to control batches of each SKU for traceability, sales and discounting.

Kits & Sets

Combine multiple SKUs, auto-generate appropriate virtual BOM and pick list, and price as a set or kit.

Product Information Management

Unlimited bespoke metadata lets you search and filter, so you easily find whatever you’re looking for.

Multi-Warehouse and Sub-Warehouse

Track and manage stock across different locations and execute inter-warehouse transfers.

Stock Rotation & FIFO

Automatically sell the oldest stock first and reduce the administration and wastage of perishable goods.

Manufacturing Integration

Manufacture, manage and sell SKUs composed of raw materials or products already stocked.


Advanced automation to price products such as jewellery and food by weight instead of units.

And More..