Jewellery Industry

Jewellery trade customers love what TradePeg does

TradePeg’s experience with jewellery trade customers, enables us to consult, understand and solve problems that are typical of the industry. When a jewellery business chooses TradePeg, it knows it is getting a rich set of tools that are adapted specifically to meet its needs.


Temporarily assign stock. Book out jewellery items to potential buyers and track, without the fuss of raising invoices and credit notes.

Track Components

Track manufacturing parts. Full control of your stock of components for finished items that you manufacture or assemble.

Track Kits & Sets

Accurate stock tracking for kits and sets. Precise control of your stock of individual SKUs for product bundles that you put together.

Give Full Specifications

Customised product details. Add as many details as you need to fully specify items such as carat, colour and type of metal.

Beautiful Catalogues

Create catalogues automatically. Bring together images, descriptions and specifications in design templated PDF catalogues.

Motti Ostreicher – Operations and Logistics - UJT Ltd

“TradePeg has massively helped us grow our business. They have really delved into our operations, understood our business and provided solutions dedicated to our industry”

Motti Ostreicher – Operations and Logistics - UJT Ltd