Order Management Advantages

Centralise Control

Get the control you need all in one place with full visibility for all incoming POs and outgoing SOs.

Magento & Shopify Ready

Built from the ground up to integrate with Magento, Shopify and other leading platforms.

Boost Sales

Maximise face-to-face selling opportunities with the Sales Rep App and trade sales with the B2B Trade Portal

TradePeg is here to change wholesale and ecommerce order management.

Our order management software enables you to easily manage the entire order fulfillment process within one single platform.

TradePeg manages everything from locating stock within multiple warehouses to smoothly determining the most cost-effective and timely carrier to use. At the same time, data is reconciled across the platform to ensure that all information relating to sales and purchases is updated and live. Complete visibility into your landed costs guarantees your margin powering your business growth. 

Integrations allow further automation and reliability; no issues with mistyped data, no missing messages, just a reliable and efficient system.

Order Management Features

True Landed Costs

Work with the true cost of products, by linking multiple receiving transactions and factoring in every bill.

Mobile App

Syncs customer location, order history and back orders and enables sales reps to boost volume out on the road.

EDI Integration

Centralised data synchronised from across your sales activity, so you work more efficiently.

Shipping & Delivery Integration

Integrates shipping with multiple carriers with automated delivery tracking and Proof of Delivery signature retrieval.

B2B Customer Portal

Make it easy and convenient for your trade customers to order and obtain B2B discounts and services.


Weighted Average Cost for dynamic and intelligent inventory valuation and reduce wastage of perishable goods.

Inbound Shipment Control

Get visibility and gain better control of your supply chain by tracking inbound ocean freight shipments.

Multi-Warehouse and Sub-Warehouse

Track and manage stock across different locations and execute inter-warehouse transfers.

Carrier Rules

Automated selection of the most appropriate carrier using rules such as delivery time and volumetrics.