Home & Kitchen

Home & Kitchen customers love what TradePeg does

Our team’s work with customers in the home and kitchen trade has enabled us to address the order and stock control problems typical of the industry. This practical experience and our technical expertise mean TradePeg’s features are optimised to better meet the needs of home and kitchen businesses.

Track Components

Track manufacturing parts. Full control of your stock of components for finished items that you manufacture or assemble.

Track Kits & Sets

Accurate stock tracking for kits and sets. Precise control of your stock of individual SKUs for the product bundles you put together.

Give Full Specifications

Customised product details. Add as many details as you need to fully specify item options such as colours, finishes and sizes.

Beautiful Catalogues

Create catalogues automatically. Bring together images, descriptions and specifications in design templated PDF catalogues.

Alan Clarke, Operations Director - Essential Housewares

“We have been using TradePeg for over 5 years and have found the software both easy to use and versatile. With the introduction of new functionalities being added on a regular basis, it is starting to become a complete package for us. Support staff are knowledgeable and easy to work with, suggested improvements are considered and implemented very quickly.

We cannot recommend TradePeg highly enough.”

Alan Clarke, Operations Director - Essential Housewares