Food & Drink Industry

Food and drink industry customers love what TradePeg does

TradePeg’s experience in working alongside customers to solve their problems has allowed our team to gain significant expertise in the food and drink sector. It has also enabled us to optimise development of the platform’s features, to better meet the needs of the food and drink industry.


Rotate stock continuously. Always turn your goods over by shipping the shortest dated products first, with First In, First Out.

Faster Turnover

Sell more, faster. Put synced data and on-the-spot order taking at the fingertips of your field sales reps with the mobile sales app.

Protect Margins

Accurate Total Landed Costs. Get full visibility of goods, shipping and insurances to price goods correctly and prevent profit leakage.

Right Stock

Optimise stock levels. Smarter stock reordering, with Demand Forecasting, taking into account lead times and historical sales data.

General Manager, HaTov Food

“It has driven operational efficiency by 40%. Partners often ask us how we became so efficient. And we tell them: We’re using TradePeg!”

General Manager, HaTov Food
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