TradePeg prides itself on being big enough to offer enterprise features but small, and flexible enough, to still offer a personal touch. Nothing exemplifies this more than the way we handhold customers through onboarding and implementation which continues throughout our relationship.

Once we have welcomed you as a new TradePeg customer we do not just leave you to your own devices or help videos!

We will start implementing the platform during an onboarding process that fits in with your schedule. 

Your project will be clearly defined, structured, and managed by one of our onboarding team, with specific focus placed on the areas of the system most relevant to your business.

Post onboarding, your onboarding team member will become your account manager and will always be on hand to help and guide you on the platform.

Dedication and Expertise

Our dedicated onboarding project managers will be on hand in structuring the process towards your preferences and availability, whilst assisting in the ground work and ensuring everything remains on track.

Training sessions are tailored specifically to your operational needs and any innate industry or business specific traits will be addressed in detail.

Sessions targeting configuration in specific areas of the system, outside of training, are also utilized to ensure a smooth testing and launch phase.

Site visits are offered to allow our consultants an insight into the practical side of the business, enabling us to suggest and implement best practices alongside the relevant departments.

In the warehouse image you can see Andreas, one of our Onboarding Team members, helping  the premium brand, Au Vodka, during their platform implementation stage.

The other two images show one of our Project Management tools being used to help streamline the onboarding process of a customer. 

TradePeg Onboarding and Implementation Team
Inventory Control System
Order Management System
Implementation & Onboarding

Build It Out

As an engine for growth, TradePeg is pivotal to your business, and it is essential to configure and customise it for your needs. The key elements of our implementation process are designed to produce a consistently successful outcome for every TradePeg customer.

Implementation and Onboarding with TradePeg

Project management-led

Implementation leadership is assigned to one of our project managers who liaises with your team and co-ordinates the TradePeg team to deliver the solution. The project manager is the primary contact point throughout the implementation process.


For this stage, information gathering on how your business operates and on the technologies you want to integrate and use alongside TradePeg is key. Working with you, we make sure we understand your specific problems and your expectations for the TradePeg platform, helping to ensure the solution is customised appropriately to let you achieve your goals.

Data rationalisation

It’s likely much of your existing data needs to be ported over to TradePeg. As part of implementation, we provide a comprehensive service that collects data, cleans it and then populates your TradePeg environment, ready for trouble-free rollout and ongoing daily operations.