Hermolis supplies thousands of locations across the UK and travelers across the globe with meals that are high quality, tasty, and well packaged. Their first-rate meals are found on British Airways, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, and more.

Hermolis joined TradePeg in 2019. A key need was creating meals out of raw ingredients and having this clearly reflected in the software. TradePeg has helped centralize operations and data, which provides Hermolis with an instant snapshot of their performance, figures, and more.

What made you initially join TradePeg?

We used to use a DOS-based software that was bespoke for our company. Reporting was an arduous task as technology progressed. TradePeg demonstrated its ability to meet our requirements around reporting, traceability, and more, which made it attractive for us. 

What is the benefit of working with TradePeg?

Tremendous benefits. We can track which meals are the most popular, manage our accounting better, send invoices and track purchasing all in one place. This is of huge benefit to the business. We base production schedules on stock quantities, which have been a game-changer.

How has this helped Hermolis?

The traceability enabled us to pass our BRC audit with an ‘AA Pass’, which is the highest level of health and hygiene standards for food businesses. The examiner told us that ‘you can trace and recall products within seconds because of TradePeg’s visibility.’

How have your staff reacted to TradePeg?

TradePeg enables us to know what is going on with a quick glance and the click of a few buttons. Whatever task this might be, we can effortlessly do it. Staff can log in remotely and view sales orders, purchases, balances, etc. It is extremely user-friendly and new staff adapt to it quickly.