What is the background of the company?

DealBerry is a young vibrant company with decades of experience. We are all about setting you up with the latest gadgets, accessories, and all the latest fun stuff whilst managing to

keep quite a bit of change in your pockets. We have over 50 staff members across two sites all using TradePeg.


How did you identify TradePeg – what process did you go through to select it as a technology partner?

We were recommended by a friend. When we sat down with TradePeg, we were provided with much clarity on how best to run our business and all our queries were answered reassuring us that we were in good hands.


What stands out about TradePeg?

Having seen alternative systems, TradePeg stands out as an amazing solution. Additionally, they aren’t out to piggyback on our revenue, they are always there to help and seem to actively enjoy assisting us with the best solution!


How was the workflow managed before you worked with TradePeg?

It wasn’t managed well at all. Our previous system couldn’t cope with our requirements and was lagging behind as our company scaled.


How does it work now?

Like clockwork


What prompted the decision to go down this technology route?

We wanted advanced automation to save much-needed time. Additionally, we were seeking one system to unify all our company activity and data.


What benefits have you received as a result?

Our business is measurably more efficient. Getting to know such an fantastic team has been a side benefit!


What do you see as the benefits of working with TradePeg?

Everything about our day-to-day is smoother, faster & simpler. We can run through the loop of getting goods in and getting them out as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


Explain the benefits you feel the company receives as a result of this service

Most tech companies that we have come across in this space are not flexible; TradePeg can do anything. Our business directly benefits from this.


Complete this sentence; working with TradePeg enables me to…

Focus on company growth in areas that we never previously had the time to.


Where would you say the value of working with TradePeg resides?

TradePeg’s picking and packing is a particular stand-out function that stands out in terms of optimizing time and allowing us to get products out swiftly.