Automate operations & administration
Eliminate errors
Resolve annoying problems

TradePeg inventory & trade management software enables wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and online retailers to focus on growing their businesses by automating operations, lowering process overheads & reducing errors


3-Step Inventory Control

TradePeg’s 3-step inventory control removes the overhead, errors and hassle of managing your inventory.

True Landed Costs

Factor in the real cost of a product, like shipping, insurance etc. Join multiple external bills, linking multiple receiving transactions.

Multichannel Marketplace Automation

Automated B2C & direct sales via integration & bi-directional sync with popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, bol, CDiscount & Groupon.

Multiple UOM Per Product

TradePeg understands that you use multiple measures of SKU quantity, including crates, palettes, boxes and individual units.

Integrate With Your Accounting Software

No need to do your account administration in duplicate. TradePeg automatically syncs across the most popular accounting software, so your transactions & activities are always up-to-date.

Tablet App for Sales Reps

App automatically syncs customer location, customer order history & back orders; and enables reps to take new orders & boost volume out on the road

Demand Forecasting

Automate detailed demand forecasts per SKU based on lead time and historical sales data

Automated Scan-to-Cloud of Paper Documents

Manual data-entry is tedious. TradePeg’s Scan-to-Cloud feature enables you to drop paper invoices, sales orders, picking lists & collection notes into a scanner and send them straight to the cloud

Stock Rotation & FIFO

Reduce the administration & wastage of spoilable goods. TradePeg automatically ensures the oldest stock is sold first.

Comprehensive Reporting

Review every imaginable KPI, and schedule key reports to be received by email.

Advanced Price-by-Weight Automation

TradePeg makes it easy to price products by weight instead of units e.g. jewellery & food

Automated Catalogue Creation

TradePeg automatically creates beautifully formatted catalogue PDFs on-demand.

Warehouse Barcode Scanning App

Dedicated barcode scanners in your warehouse or storage facility connect wirelessly to TradePeg, keeping all your stock statuses in sync, increasing picking speed, and eliminating errors.

Manufacturing Integration

This makes it easy to manufacture, manage & sell SKUs which are themselves a mixture of ingredients or other products which you already store or stock separately.

Shipping Integration & Delivery Automation

Integrated shipping with a wide range of couriers. Automatically tracks deliveries and even retrieves proof-of-delivery signatures to avoid delivery disputes.

B2B Customer Portal

Provide a convenient place for your trade customers to buy whenever they want.

Product Specification Management

Unlimited bespoke product metadata for every SKU makes it easy to search & filter whatever you’re looking for

Kits & Sets

Combine multiple SKUs into sets or kits (e.g.’His & Hers Ring Set’) and auto-generate an appropriate virtual BOM and pick-list. Price as a set instead of individually, and automatically show accurate ‘set’ inventory.

Multi-Warehouse and Sub-Warehouse Managment

Track & manage stock across multiple warehouses and sub-warehouses. Execute inter-warehouse transfers.

Label Printing & Printer Integration

No need to bother with manually labelling boxes. Automatically generate & print courier-specific labels across a full-range of printers & software, inc BarTender, SatoPrint & LabelMatrix.

BOM Calculation

Plan manufacturing with BOM instructions and accurately account for the cost of each SKU.

Full Batch Control

Apply batch-level metadata (e.g. expiry date, and bespoke batch fields) to a subset of stock of a single SKU. Trace production and sales per batch. Allocate specific batches for discounts

Price-By-Formula with Feeds

Use your existing tools for setting price-by-formula and then automatically update prices in TradePeg with feeds.

EDI Integration

TradePeg supports EDI so that you can work more efficiently with marketplaces like Amazon

Comprehensive Support

We don’t expect you’ll need help that often, but we’re here if you need us with dedicated email support, in-app support widget, TradePeg online knowledge base and a 24/7 phoneline.

Full Data Portability

Export your data from TradePeg, in Excel or CSV formats, whenever you want.

Multi-Company Support

Automatically split invoices by stock, product or warehouse


Two factor authentication and SSO OAuth

Automated Document Printing

Printer queues are stored in the cloud and automated. Labels, picking lists, invoices and any other document type can be printed remotely to any arbitrary printer.

Automated Amazon Repricing

Set per-SKU minimum & maximum prices, and TradePeg can automatically adjust your Amazon prices multiple times per day so that you win and retain the Buy Box.

Automatically Generate, Send & Track Documents

TradePeg can automatically create invoices, delivery notes & purchase orders and email them to customers. Then it tracks those emails and lets you know when they’ve been opened.

Work with Unusual Barcodes & Barcode Metadata

TradePeg is unique in its capabilities to accurately parse non-standard barcode formats and barcode metadata. Our bespoke parsers can deal with in-house barcode schemes and the unusual barcodes often used by manufacturers.

Alternative Picking

Out-of-stock SKUs can be replaced with approved alternatives or substitutes at the point of picking

Smart Stock Taking

Fast & efficient end-of-month or end-of-year stock-taking using your barcode scanner. This enables straightforward reconciliation between stated & actual stock levels.

Automated Expiry Date Creation

Expiry dates can be created automatically based on packing dates. The expiry date (and other product metadata) can then be printed automatically on labels

Many more features

  • Customised KPI Dashboards
  • Multi BIN Location warehousing

Why is TradePeg a Better Solution?

Automation & Efficiency

TradePeg frees up the time & resources usually spent on operations, processes & administration so that you can focus on the activities which actually grow your business.

1. TradePeg automates many of the most common operations and cuts down the steps required to execute processes.

2. So you can stop tending to Excel spreadsheets, manually creating quotes & invoices, chasing deliveries, assembling reports, updating catalogues, pursuing backorders, doing data-entry from paper documents, manually managing inventory…

3. Instead, you can devote your time, resources & employees to growing your business, acquiring new customers, improving your SKU range, working with new suppliers, and driving sales volume.

Eliminate Errors

Problem: Dealing with the consequences of errors is frustrating, time-consuming & expensive. The aftermath of even minor errors can leave customers angry and staff irritated.

Solution: Your systems and data sources are integrated and automatically sync’d. Operations are automated wherever possible, and opportunities for human error are eliminated or reduced. This can be especially impactful in demand forecasting, picking-and-packing, backorder fulfilment and reporting. For example, the warehouse barcode scanner won’t allow staff to make picking erros.

Problem Solving

TradePeg deals with the complex requirements and tricky problems which may be specific to particular industries, verticals or niches.

For example:

  • TradePeg makes it easy to avoid spoilage by rotating stock by expiration date.
  • Customers can create bespoke kits & sets based on mixing-and-matching existing SKUs.
  • Jewellery wholesalers can price-by-weight (including by gold fix).
  • Distributors can use complex formulas to determine prices.
  • Companies with subsidiaries or operating through multiple entities can invoice from multiple companies, and manage stock across multiple warehouses.


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TradePeg Works Wherever You Do

Desktop & Mobile

Use the main TradePeg web app on your desktop or in your smartphone browser

Tablet App for Sales Reps

Sales reps on-the-road can sync all the latest products, prices & images, and take orders directly from customers

Warehouse Barcode Scanning

Reduce errors and drive efficiency in picking-and-packing with the TradePeg barcode scanning app for warehouses

Scan-to-Cloud for Paper Docs

TradePeg takes your printed or paper documents and sends them to the cloud, making them instantly accessible

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