TradePeg for StartUps

TradePeg supports your startup as you grow


If you’re a small company or startup, then we can provide you with one year of our Professional Tier features at a 70% discount and better payment terms

 Terms & conditions apply. See below for full details and to apply for TradePeg for Startups

What’s included?

  • Includes all the product features of the TradePeg Professional Tier (see for Professional feature list)
  • $389 per month, paid quarterly upfront.
  • 12 month agreement
  • Includes access for 3 users, 2 marketplaces and 1 warehouse
  • Two hours of on-boarding/training included
  • Email support
  • Includes access to the TradePeg referral program through which you can be rebated for referring new customers

Can I upgrade?

  • Yes. You can upgrade to a full Professional or Professional Plus plan at any time (see for details)
  • TradePeg Professional Plus for Startups is also available, for $499 per month, paid quarterly upfront
  • Includes access for 3 users, 2 marketplaces and 1 warehouse
  • If you’re on a TradePeg for Startups plan and need more than 3 users, they can be added for $129 each per month.

Who’s eligible?

Companies who:
  • Have annual turnover below $1,000,000
  • Require 3 or fewer users
  • Are based in United States
  • Contact if you’d like to apply

Any small print?

  • TradePeg Ltd retains sole discretion to determine company eligibility for TradePeg for Startups program
  • Applicants will be asked for documentation to verify annual turnover
  • Participants will be required to sign an agreement, committing them to 12 months of TradePeg for Startups
  • Participants will be asked to upgrade to a full-priced TradePeg plan in the event their annual company turnover exceeds $1,000,000 or after 12 months in the TradePeg for Startups program
  • For participating companies whose annual turnover remains below $1,000,000 after 12 months, TradePeg Ltd retains the right, but not the obligation to offer an extension period during which a discounted rate will be applied.