Caledonian was established in 1935. Based in Wembley, North London, they are one of the largest & longest-standing suppliers of Kosher food and consumables.

Caledonian have over 1000 product lines including chilled, frozen and ambient food wholesale, to janitorial products and disposable commercial catering supplies. They operate their own fleet of temperature controlled delivery vehicles, and supply businesses throughout UK & Europe.

The support is good, and the system does everything we want it to. We can’t ask for more than that.

General Manager, Caledonian Supply


Caledonian Supply

Industry: Food wholesale & supply

Business Benefits

  • Saved staff time
  • Enabled accurate reporting
  • Improved order turnaround times
  • Automated operations
  • Eliminated packing errors


What has most impressed you about TradePeg?

Our business has grown so much since we started using it, and TradePeg handled that increase in volume without a hitch. It’s TradePeg which has enabled us to avoid hiring more administrative staff to handle the growth.

For our business, TradePeg has been a huge change for the better.


What were you using before?

We were using a [well known] ERP before. One of the main problems was that we couldn’t do True Landed Costs properly. Also, it was hard to use, and, even after 3 full days of training, we still couldn’t use it. We were all trying to get the figure for the total unit sales for a product, but each department was getting a different figure for the same report. We don’t have those problems with TradePeg!


What was the on-boarding process like with TradePeg?

Absolutely. Our customers reacted very positively, not least because the system has completely eliminated errors in their deliveries and their invoices. In turn, that elimination of errors has significantly reduced returns.


Anything else we should know?

The support is good, and the system does everything we want it to. We can’t ask for more than that.