Okay, so you have spent a decent amount of time identifying the best software fit for your company. You may have had a few different inventory management software demonstrations. You might then also have had plenty of discussions, back and forth, to ensure that the platform meets your business requirements.

You’ve then agreed on your preferred supplier and the ball starts rolling. It does not end there!

It would then be common to suffer ‘Change Anxiety’. Nobody really enjoys change; it is human nature. We get comfortable with what we know and rebel against new technology even when told it will make one’s life immeasurably better.

TradePeg’s Inventory Management Software has been in constant, client-led, development for 7 years. What we have also perfected is a class leading software implementation and onboarding process.

It is at this point that you really do need a company that shows you top level project management skills, the ability to fully understand your specific requirements AND the time to actually train you on how to get the very best out of your new system.

Inventory Control System
Order Management System

Your implementation is scheduled with your dedicated project manager who will liaise with your key staff to make sure that everything, from then on, runs smoothly. Your project manager will be your primary contact throughout your whole implementation process.

You will then move to our consultation stage whereby we tailor the software, where necessary, to match your exact business requirements, where possible. Many businesses have special quirks. TradePeg remains small enough to care and be flexible, whereas very large companies lose this ability to bend to a client’s needs.

It could be that your existing data needs to be entered into TradePeg. As part of the whole process, we collate the data and then cleanse it ready to be imported into your new TradePeg environment.

This may all sound far too easy. Yes, it takes work but TradePeg have built in systems and processes that takes away the usual stresses and dramas.

We get you set-up, then fully onboarded and trained and it does not even end there. Througout our relationship we are on hand to support you as your business grows.

TradePeg Onboarding and Implementation Team

Perfecting Customer Experience.

In this image, you can see Andreas, one of our fabulous Customer Onboarding Team, in situ at Au Vodka, a premium drinks brand, helping their team get up and running on the TradePeg Inventory Management Platform.

Time is spent ensuring that each and every one of your key team members, and stakeholders, understand and can implement the processes that will fundamentally help with your day to day management.

When not with you face-to-face, your own Onboarding Representative will be on-hand, on live screen sharing calls, to keep you on the right track. With the best will in the world, it always helps to be given a bit extra personal touch.

All in all, you will hit the ground running and new, higher levels of efficiency will only be clicks away.


Get in touch now for a demonstration of our platform.


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